About Us

The Millwood Cattery is for boarding cats and kittens, owners can be safe in the knowledge that their pets will be safe and well looked after until their return.

Sadly many other cats and kittens are not so lucky to have caring owners and are often abandoned by their owners when they are no longer a fluffy little kitten. About 6 months after we opened the Boarding Cattery an abandoned cat that was having kittens at any moment was bought into us, we tended the mother and with the birth of the kittens the rescue centre was born.

Since then many, many, more abandoned and mistreated cats and kittens came to Millwood! (Approx 300 per year) Some old, some pregnant, some so young they have to be hand reared because they have lost their mother for some reason, It has built up over the years to the present day. We have rescue pens and we also have “foster homes” where cats and kittens are looked after until loving responsible homes can be found for them.

All appointments are by phone and we can be reached on 0115 9235704

-Ronnie McMillen-